Setting Up VPN on your iPhone / iTouch

1 Open Settings from iPhone dashboard.

2 Navigate to General > Network > VPN > Settings.

3 Select whether you are connecting via  IPsec at the top.

4 Complete the settings and tap Save.

At the top, tap "IPSec". Type a descriptive name identifying the connection: youkuvpn for "Description".

At "Server", type

At "Account", type your VPN UserID  

For Password, type your VPN password  

For Group Name: ipsec

For Secret:  ipsec

In the Server field type the name or the IP address of a Youkuvpn server. You have to check the email you have received when you have paid for the YoukuVPN account. You will find there the available servers.

5 Once configured you can see the VPN profile.

6 To get connected tap on VPN toggle and you are good to go, once connected you will see a VPN icon next to the clock.© 2012-2013